Ground-borne vibration can be generated by a number of sources, including road and rail transportation systems, construction activities, blasting, tunnelling and the operation of various types of machinery.

Its effect on buildings may be to cause varying degrees of damage, or to affect machinery or equipment that may be vibration-sensitive.

Its effect on people may be to cause disturbance or annoyance or, at higher levels, to affect a person’s ability to work. Vibration may also to lead to re-radiation as noise.

Our measurement capabilities allow us to monitor and assess vibration and ground-borne noise from numerous sources and to advise on potential methods of mitigation.

Certain construction activities (in particular some piling techniques) can generated very high levels of vibration. Anticipated vibration levels can be predicted and mitigation methods can be recommended. We can also provide tailored monitoring solutions, including long-term unattended systems linked to visual, aural and SMS alarms for ensuring compliance against vibration limits.