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Addiscombe Environmental Consultants Limited

Nigeria LNG

Addiscombe Environmental Consultants Limited (AECL)

Addiscombe Environmental Consultants Limited has been commissioned to undertake the pre- and post- startup noise surveys on the Nigeria LNG project at Bonny Island, Nigeria.

The first two trains at Bonny Island were completed in 1999 and have a total capacity of 6 million tonnes per annum (6 mtpa). A third train and common fractionation unit were completed in 2004 (the Expansion Project) and a further two trains (the Plus Project) were completed in 2006.

AECL was responsible for the commissioning noise surveys for both the Expansion and Plus Projects.

The noise surveys incorporated a number of elements including the following:

  • Determination of plant area sound power levels
  • Determination of equipment sound power levels
  • Fenceline monitoring
  • Monitoring at community locations
  • Determination of noise hazardouse areas
  • Generation of in-plant noise contour plots

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