Workplace Noise

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Cited as probably the most common occupational health problem (3M, 2000), particularly in manufacturing, workplace noise can be tricky to measure and difficult to control without expert advice. AECL have a wide range of experience in measuring workplace noise and in creating solutions to ensure the client’s workforce are not exposed to noise in excess of the legislations set out by the Noise at Work Regulations 2005. We have included a summary of the requirements of the Noise at Work Regulations 2005 for your reference.


Noise exposure is measured in terms of noise level and duration so measuring an individual’s exposure to noise requires us to monitor their work pattern; establishing how long they spend in each area, and on each activity, measuring the noise levels they are exposed to along the way. Methods of reducing workplace noise can be implemented by either reducing the duration of exposure or the level of noise, with the latter being the optimal method, for the improved safety of all employees who may be working in the vicinity.


For full details of our services on workplace noise please visit the Noise At Work page and don’t hesitate to contact AECL if you have any questions or to discuss your requirements in this area. AECL has extensive experience of assessing and providing recommendations for occupational noise exposure and we have undertaken studies ranging from a single employee operating a single machine to large numbers of employees working in factories, construction sites, petrochemical and offshore installations. We have detailed knowledge of many different industries, noisy equipment and activities and can provide detailed solutions to noise control.