Vibration Consultant

Welcome to Addiscombe Environmental Consultants Ltd; noise and vibration consultants available for small, short-term projects and long-term major developments. Our clients come from a range of industries and backgrounds and so AECL have established a reputation for having the flexibility, experience and vast technical expertise required for working with such a diverse client-base and on a wide variety of projects. Click to read more about us, our profile, and projects currently or recently worked on..


As vibration consultants we are concerned with measuring, monitoring and assessing vibration and other ground-borne noise from several sources on the job site and then advising clients on mitigation options and control.


It is possible for AECL to anticipate vibration levels for construction activities prior to the onset of development, thereby allowing methods of noise control to be factored in at the planning stage. As your vibration consultant, AECL will also provide bespoke noise monitoring solutions to ensure the development remains compliant with vibration limits.


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If you need a vibration consultant please contact Addiscombe Environmental Consultants Ltd on Tel: +44 (0) 20 8683 6446 or email