Traffic Noise

One of the most significant noise sources in the world, and therefore the one which affects more people than any other source, is traffic noise. The number of vehicles on the road increases every year and therefore the problem is set to increase exponentially as time goes by. The problem of traffic noise is not restricted to the roads, with the Government running schemes to incentivise commuters into using rail networks the number of trains and rail routes is continually expanding, whilst the cheapening of air fares, thanks to budget airlines, and continued increments in commuters doing business abroad further exacerbates noise from airports.


Addiscombe Environmental Consultants Limited produce high quality graphical noise mapping via state of the art noise modelling software, no matter how complex the scenario. Where new schemes are proposed we can assess various options to determine the traffic noise impact of each. Mitigation and cost-benefit analysis can then be produced.


Eligibility for new road schemes is determined under the Noise Insulation Regulations and Land Compensation Act, and the proposed scheme is also checked for accordance with DMRB (Design Manual for Roads and Bridges).


For more information on our traffic noise and vibration assessment, including details on how we assess existing scenarios, both on their own and in conjunction with newly planned noise-sensitive developments please click on the transportation noise link over to the left hand side.