Sound Testing

At Addiscombe Environmental Consultants Limited we carry out sound testing and we are accredited by the Association of Noise Consultants to perform Sound Insulation Testing to Approved Document E.


The following sections briefly summarise the noise testing we provide in respect to our main areas of service. To read about each one in more detail click on the section title, or click on the services page for details on all the services we provide.


Sound Insulation Testing

  • Pre-completion testing generally requested by Building Control Officer.
  • Approved Document E outlines partitions to be tested and number of sound tests required.
  • It is recommended the proposed sound testing is agreed in advance.
  • Airborne sound tests are necessary between horizontally and vertically separated pairs of rooms.
  • Where noise testing reveals insulation is not adequate for Approved Document E recommendations can be made by AECL.


Construction Sound Testing

  • Noise and vibration monitoring provided during construction work to ensure compliance with noise or vibration limits.
  • Sound testing can be performed via attended monitoring or long term unattended monitoring solutions.
  • Broad range of monitoring solutions to suit client and local authority requirements.


Industrial and Commercial

  • Sound tests produced to establish baseline noise levels prior to development of new industry in area.
  • Attended and unattended noise surveys available.
  • Sound testing used in conjunction with noise modelling to calculate environmental impact of new development.
  • Testing can also reveal employee noise exposure levels on an individual or entire workforce basis.
  • Click here for more information on noise at work.


Petrochemical Noise

  • Noise measurement via sound testing required for determining compliance with noise limits.
  • Sound tests measure environmental noise, in-plant noise and for determining equipment noise levels for individual items.
  • All testing is performed using a wide range of measurement equipment which allows the work to be completed in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
  • Testing highlights areas requiring control solutions which Addiscombe Environmental Consultants Limited can advise on.



Noise At Work

  • Sound tests completed to assess the level of noise exposure received by employees.
  • Noise exposure is measured in terms of noise level combined with duration of exposure.
  • AECL has a wealth of experience and detailed knowledge of many different industries, noise equipment and activities and can provide detailed solutions to noise control.