Noise Reduction

Any industrial or commercial site generates noise and this impacts on the surrounding local area, whether it contains residential property or other commercial properties sensitive to the noise. Addiscombe Environmental Consultants Limited (AECL) provide noise measurement reports on sites with a view to determining whether noise reduction strategies need to be implemented. Analysis of the sound sources will identify which areas require control and we can also produce a list of treatment options with details of ‘cost versus benefit’ associated with each noise reduction option.


In cases where new developments are proposed to be introduced into an area a noise impact assessment will usually be a required part of the holistic environmental impact assessment; something AECL can arrange for you through our network of associate consultants. It is possible to calculate the noise levels of new industry via noise modelling.


Noise prediction modelling

Here are some of the parameters and influencing factors which can influence the noise impact of a development:

  • Climate – Temperature and humidity affect atmospheric sound absorption.
  • Ground terrain – Type and season affect the ground absorption of noise.
  • Sound Directivities – Some noise sources such as exhaust pipes and gas inlets produce noise that is more prevalent in a particular direction. Such instances need to be accounted for in the noise model.
  • Building Design – Any noise which is generated from within the building will be affected by such barriers as walls, floors, roofs and ventilation openings. This needs to be included in the model.


Noise surveys first provide data related to the baseline noise levels in the area, and these can be combined with the noise modelling results to produce noise impact assessments and the information necessary to determine whether noise reduction is required and where.


Noise reduction is an issue where employee safety in the new premises is concerned. The exposure of industrial noise to personnel working within can be assessed on an individual or entire workforce basis. For more information click on noise at work button, and take a look at our website section on Personal Hearing Protection (PHP).