Noise Monitoring

Addiscombe Environmental Consultants Ltd provide a range of services related to noise monitoring and control in construction, industrial processes, the workplace, petrochemical plants and transport networks. Our work also involves assisting with a range of projects in their development stages to ensure a thorough assessment of the noise levels that will occur at the onset of construction. And finally AECL also undertake noise monitoring in relation to activities which cause increased sound levels thanks to ground borne vibration.


For more details about any of these services please use the menu to the left to navigate around the website. Noise monitoring plays a part in practically all the services we provide and is therefore an integral part of what we do. However what is equally, if not more, important is the analysis of the results obtained from noise monitoring and what measures are put in place to control the noise so as to limit the impact on the local environment. With each service we have explained a little about the processes we undertake to ensure we achieve this end.


Who are AECL and why choose us for noise monitoring?


Formed in 2004, after taking over all business activities from Addiscombe Acoustics Limited, Addiscombe Environmental Consultants Ltd has continued to expand to become a busy, flexible and in-demand noise consultancy. The growth achieved since 2004 has been managed and controlled so as to ensure that we still provide the same high level of service our customers have come to expect, whilst being able to remain a flexible company capable of making effective decisions quickly. Over and above the noise monitoring services we provide, we are also able to offer clients full environmental consultancy work. This is achieved through our network of associate consultants and ensures we can advise customers on just about all environmental issues. As a small, yet experienced and dynamic firm we can work on small scale local projects as well as large scale, global developments. Yet being a smaller company means we are able to keep our overheads, and therefore our service, costs to a minimum.


If you require noise monitoring for an upcoming development then please don’t hesitate to contact AECL to discuss how we can help you. We have posted a few case studies and a list of previous clients on our website which provide some idea of the type and scale of work we are able to work to and you will find all the necessary contact details on our contact page.